We visited the Norman P. Murray Center on 12/28/2011.  This picture above shows where we plan to do the vows.

This is the inside of Jacaranda A & B.  The rooms have a stage.  On this visit we noticed the windows.  I like the natural lighting.  If it rains, we can use the stage for the vows.

It’s perfect, right?

The room was divided by a partition but Daniel like the craftsman-like ceiling.

Outside there are different kinds of tables and chairs.

My favorite is the cabanas.  There are about 4 or 5 of them.  It’s classy as hell.

More tables outside.  The view is pretty beautiful.

This is the outside of Jacaranda A&B.  The doors can stay open during the reception.

Walkway between Jacaranda A&B and the creekside terrace/overlook (where we would have the ceremony).



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