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9 Jan

Don’t mind the creepy plastic woman.  I saw this veil on etsy and am positive I could make something like this for much cheaper (It was selling online for $56)

Just wondering if it would go with everything else.  I’m not really gung-ho on a veil in general but if I were to wear one it would be a birdcage one or something similar.

Why?  I fully plan to make Janet Snakehole impressions.


Veil and Dress

29 Dec

I love the idea of battery operated tea lights.  Because if you have my kind of worry-wort personality, you’re worried about a fire starting because of a drunk uncle.  10 bucks says it would be Uncle Mike Matney.

It works in a mason jar because it’s battery operated (you couldn’t do that with regular tea lights).

Her veil is kind of awesome and her dress makes me reconsider the short dress thing.

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Another Veil I would be interested in is something like this:

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