Save the Date Samples

18 Mar

We still have some time before we have to order save the date cards but I don’t know what else to do with the engagement photos between now and then.  We’re going with these ones but could also go with the non-magnet/photo ones.   Thoughts?

This one right below with the fountain: We both had an awwww moment when we thought about how this is where Daniel proposed.


This one below has a lot of color.  We can change the leaves to blue if we wanted but the colors all together also look good.  It’s actually a pretty cool place not too far from where Daniel proposed and it’s Central Park.



This is another one with good color.  Dina Kantor did a great job with all of our NYC photos.  I realize that half of my body is cut off but I love those archways.  Plus,  I don’t have legs.  You don’t need a save the date sign to tell you that.


This photo below was taken inside of Union Station in DC.  Symbolically it represents that first year we lived on the East Coast when we had to travel via train and bus between Philadelphia and DC.  By the end of the academic year Daniel knew the morning crew at Amtrak.  It has also been our gateway to travel since we moved in together.  With trips back to Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore and more, it’s nice to know that we have a place to depend on that’s only a short distance away from the capitol.  Also, Daniel fits in well with the station with his sweater/collared shirt combos.


We sat on the steps on our walk between Union Station and the Capitol.  I love the look of the city with the stones and brick.


What is that she’s reading? A book?  No?  No one else thinks about a Gilmore Girls episode from season 6.  Just Daniel and I?  That’s okay what else is new.  Every time I see this photo I think about a scene from the show that would require too much backstory for my taste.  In any case, we’re actually reading Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix (Angst, angst angst).  It happened to fit the wedding colors we’ve considered and it’s the book we’ve been working on this month.


This particular photo reminds me 500 Days of Summer when they’re sitting on that bench in LA.  Obviously, we weren’t sitting in LA.  Our relationship between each other wasn’t falling apart in this shot nor were either of us filming a movie but whatever.


This is another photo that reminds me of a pop culture reference.  Cue Bob Dylan’s Freewheelin Album Cover.  I know, I wonder why Daniel puts up with this all day too but, then again, he’s just as bad as I am.  The real question is what we’d do if we didn’t have each other to describe things through pop culture references and obscure analogies.



In any case, we’re looking for top choices.  Any thoughts?


2 Responses to “Save the Date Samples”

  1. Sandy March 19, 2012 at 4:13 pm #

    Hi!! Ok, my all time favorite photo is the one of you two sitting on the steps while he’s “reading a book” and you are looking at him smiling, the black and white version. My second favorite is the one with both of you wearing coats and you are standing up on a ledge in front of some sort of mosaic wall art and you have your arm around his shoulder and you are both looking at each other. But I like the other one better because it’s a close up.

  2. Catherine March 19, 2012 at 4:14 pm #

    Ok, I really like option number 1 with you guys by the fountain. i like the back story and how it relates to where he proposed.

    I really like the train station one a lot. I like the black and white feature on it and it feels classic.

    I next one I like is where you guys are reading the book. You guys both look so happy in the picture. Either picture with the book….mostly the one where you are looking at daniel. I hope this helps!!!! Love you

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