Stone Cold Pack of Weirdos

5 Jan

From left to right: Emilee Hess, Catherine (Kitty, daughter, original fiance) Ilfeld, Me, and Cathlyn.  Cat is my maid of honor.

I met Emilee through Camp Titan in 2007.  We did camp the same 3 years.  During our first year we were neighbors.  The second and third we were staff.  We were also Rho Chi’s together in 2007 and 2008.  Ever since I’ve been basking in the awesomeness that is Emilee Hess.

*Daniel actually proposed to Emilee in the fall of 2008.  So, I actually wasn’t Daniel’s first choice.  That’s fine because Cat proposed to me the night before I left for the east coast in 2008.

Cat and I go back.  Back to the days where Cat was the one to hug trees and my ankle was still safe (rude inside joke).  We met in the 7th grade and ate lunch together with a group of friends.  By high school she referred to me as mom and I called her daughter.  I’m thoroughly convinced that Cat is psychic because she’s always known details about my life before I even tell her.  It’s a little spooky but I love her.  You may remember her from the show Wipeout.  I know I do!

Finally, there’s Cathlyn.  Cathlyn is one of my little sisters from sorority.  I basically stalked her during her year in recruitment.  I was her Rho Chi and she was my favorite person.  Every day was so dramatic as I waited to see if she was going to visit my sorority house.  She finally made it in and I knew she had to be my lil.  At that point in time our sorority family was full of short people.  I think it used to be a requirement.

Both Daniel and I love them all and that was pretty important.

We’re going to have to work on the height difference (Either Cat or Cathlyn are going to get taller or Emilee’s going to get shorter).


The team has been assembled on my side. Daniel has a third he hasn’t asked yet but we’re getting closer.

That’s Curtis, Daniel, and Leo.  Daniel still hasn’t asked the last person but he’ll probably do it soon.

For the record, the first time I met Curtis he made me cry.  I remind him of that from time to time.

We met both guys through ASI.  In our senior year, Curtis was ASI president and Leo was chief governmental office.  Leo actually traveled with us to the east coast during the summer of 2008.  He did Teach for America in Philadelphia for 2 years and is now back in Los Angeles working with a charter school system.  I’m really grateful for Leo because without him I’d still be living in Philly.  He was the only person to help us move my stuff from Philly to DC.

Also, watching Curtis and Leo together is adorable.  I think Daniel might have picked them for the entertainment factor.

Curtis also made it clear that he’ll have the surf and turf.


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