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Love (Bridesmaid Dresses)

24 Jan

I really loved this one.  It reminds me of the cut of my dress a little.  It’s simple, the color matches and I like the classic look.

I thought of this one as a possible Maid of Honor dress.  Again, I love the simple look to dresses like this.  I thought it might be nice to have a different style of dress with the same fabric.

I also liked this one.  I liked the detail of the flowers and that it has pockets.  Always a fan of the pockets.

Thoughts on this one?

The ruffles/layers might be too much but I’m mulling it over.

I love the skirt on this one.




24 Jan

These are a few dresses that I noted but wasn’t as in love with as the ones from my other post (see here)

I love the front on this one but I hate the back.  Is it me or does the back remind you of the 80s?

Eh.  I think I like parts of it.

This one reminds me a little of the one I liked from David’s Bridal

I like it and it could even move over to the love side.

I’m really not sold on strapless dresses but if I had to pick this might be one.

Veils with Short Dresses

14 Jan

I have the dress now .  I’m trying to figure out how to pull off wearing a veil.

Her dress (what I can see of it), reminds me a little of my dress . I think this one caught my eye because of the color around her.  I figure if she can pull it off then so can I.

Oh and did I mention that she wore blue heels?

Taken From:

I really don’t know how I’m supposed to wear a veil but we have quite some time.

Taken From:

Taken From:

Did anyone else notice that this guy is wearing a mobster suit? No?  Just me?  Okay then…moving on

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Additional Resources:


My Dress



9 Jan

Don’t mind the creepy plastic woman.  I saw this veil on etsy and am positive I could make something like this for much cheaper (It was selling online for $56)

Just wondering if it would go with everything else.  I’m not really gung-ho on a veil in general but if I were to wear one it would be a birdcage one or something similar.

Why?  I fully plan to make Janet Snakehole impressions.

Possible Wedding Party Intro to Reception

9 Jan

It could be kinda fun, but we need a DJ who could pull it off.


9 Jan

A few options for food:

  • Las Golondrinas: Buffet service, good food and service is included in the price. ~$15/per person for food.
  • Avila’s: Buffet service including wine/beer/margaritas if we want.  Servers and setup are an extra charge.  Good food and close to the venue, a little pricier. ~$15/person for food, additional for alcohol and setup.
  • Rise and Shine: Buffet service, it looks like they can cook on site and can provide alcohol. Small charge for service.  They’re in LA, so it may not be possible. ~$9-12/person for food, additional for alcohol and setup.
  • The Mexican Taco
  • Tacos and Company
  • Pedro’s Catering
  • SuperMex



5 Jan

12/30/2011 Two bridesmaids have been drafted.  Hooray for Emilee Hess and Catherine (Kitty) Ilfeld.

I’m not hellbent on identical dresses.  Navy blue would be a good color since we’re using that for our color scheme but I’ve seen places where the colors are all over the place.  I’m still collecting info.

Photo Taken From:


UPDATE (1/5/2012)

Cathlyn, Emilee, and Cat have been drafted.  Cat is my made of honor (as posted somewhere else).  Since I have an idea of what my dress looks like, I feel pretty comfortable researching other dresses.

Right now we’re still looking at a darker shade of blue but Cat can wear gray since she’s the made of honor.

Cat’s sent me these two from Outer Inner:

The brown one can be any color.  Dress can be found here: